Mail-in Repair
Live too far? Or just too busy to stop by?

Simply let us know the issue, ship us your device, we will diagnose it and provide you the best solution and price for your repair.
1 Repair Center Repair Ticket

1. Start a Repair Ticket

  1. Fill out the form and tell us about the issue.

2. Send us the Device

  1. Ship via your preferred shipping method.  We recommend securely packaging your device to prevent further damage.
1 Repair Center Send
1 Repair Center Technician Inspection

3. Technician Inspection

  1. Our technicians will investigate any issues from the initial inquiry and report back to you any additional issues we discover during the diagnosis process. We will not proceed unless you are absolutely satisfied with both our price and solution.

4. Repair Process

  1. Once a proper diagnosis has been achieved, we’ll quickly and professionally have the issue resolved for you. Should any new issues arise during the repair process, you will be notified immediately and we will wait for approval before proceeding.
1 Repair Center Repair Process
1 Repair Center Pay

5. Confirm and Pay

  1. We will contact you once the repair has been completed and to ship back to your desired address. You are responsible for shipping cost. We accept credit card/debit and PayPal.

If you have a broken screen or LCD? We can Fix That!!

1 Repair Center handles repair service for Davie FL  Plantation, Weston, Pembroke Pines, Cooper City, Sunrise, Fort lauderdale, Hollywood, Miami Gardens and Miami Lakes. We have been repairing smartphone for over 10 years. we know the business and pride our self with top customer service. Check out our reviews on Yelp and Google on the link below.