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We are the number 1 Repair Center for all your Electronics.

At 1 Repair Center we strive to give you the best service by providing value and transparent detail diagnosis. We use only the highest quality parts available in the market. With our hard work we get the device back to life and in your hands!

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Who we are

1 Repair Center has more than 13 years of continuous experience in cell phone and smartphone sales and repairs. Miguel has been working with iPhones since the first generation iPhone model. He sold thousands of iPhones while working with AT&T Wireless and as a business account executive for six years. During his time with AT&T Wireless, Miguel learned how to take apart and repair iPhone 3G and 3GS. He decided to invest more time and money on training and certification in iPhone repair and electronics repair. Miguel has repaired thousands of gadgets from screen repair to circuit repair.

Core Values

We love to be challenged. We are constantly innovating new strategy to streamline the repair process.

We are passionate about our experience and abilities in electronics repair.
We take pride in our repairs and service!
We love fixing things and recovering lost memories.

Certification and Training
We strive to see every opportunity as a learning experience. As technology involves, we continue learning.

1 Repair Center Core Values
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Miguel – Master Technician

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1 Repair Center Repair, Reuse, and Recycle 

The evident advantage of repairing your tablet or smartphone is ergonomic; you don’t have to invest in a new expensive device if you can extend the live of your current device. Think for a minute now, if you replace your device with a new one, where will the old one end up? While there are plenty of recycling programs (companies) out there, only a small portion of the phones and smartphones that leave the market end up in the refurbished and recycled market. The numbers of cell phones alone are staggering and keep going up, so must likely your eWaste will end up in a landfill, possibly with the batteries still in the device, polluting the earth even more. We can help slow the process by expanding the usable life of your tablet and smartphone. By keeping or bringing your device to fabrication standards, we can decrease the heat, power consumption, and recharging time of your device. All of these things help to extend the life of your device, which means a little less eWaste polluting the earth.